Tuesday, April 25, 2017


David Gaussian + Wayne Nez Gaussian (Navajo / Picuris Pueblo), Postmodern Boa (2009) / #NativeFashionNow

'Diversity' in fashion fluctuates between ignorance in interpretation and shoddy stereotype, frequently missing the mark on 'true' cultural significance. For the American Indian, misappropriation of totem poles, feathered headdresses and 'Navajo' branded items more-often-than-not accentuates the misnomer of assumed understanding. This Spring, the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian in NYC presents NativeFashion Nowa look at American Indian designers and their influence on fashion. Aptly expressed by Kathleen Ash-Milby, Associate curator at the museum,“We wanted people to see that Native designers are not just subjects but participants in the field of fashion." Keep reading to see more…

Thursday, April 20, 2017


 Ralph Lauren, Fifth Ave.

Netflix has a knack for tugging at threads of thought. The series of choice this week--13 Reasons Why--sheds light on the psyche of a high school girl and the 13 reasons leading up to self-destruction. 13 episodes later, the lingering issue of suicide and rape among youth leaves sentimental residue. This week's windows at Ralph Lauren Fifth Ave. depict the school style cool of a group of faceless young men. It begs the question of how best to nurture morality and better decisions in the next generation. Keep reading for more snaps of this week's windows... 

Sunday, April 16, 2017


Fish minaudière w/rhinestones (1978)

Clutching a green toolbox, 26-year-old Judith Leiber landed in New York City in 1946. The box--credentials of a master craftswoman (and an ironic foreshadowing of minaudières to come)--signified both saving grace and an unusual ability to craft handbags from dream to designer showroom. As a Jew living at the height of Nazism, opportunity materialized in the form of family connections and a job at prestigious purse company Pessl. Trading chemistry and a future in the cosmetics industry for bag-making, 3,500+ exotic and Swarovski crystal-encrusted handbags were brought to life. Until August 6th, the Museum of Arts and Design celebrates the legacy of Judith Leiber through Judith Leiber: Crafting a New York Story--the second in a three-part series on craft. Keep reading for a look inside...

Thursday, April 13, 2017


LLLLLLLLLLL... Louis Vuitton (Fifth Ave)

Oogling at the obvious, news and numbers initiate a rigor of unavoidable regularity. This week, fracture innate tradition and transform nuance into narrative; synthesize silence to reveal a breakthrough in moral adversity for informed decision making. After all, it's the untouchable and intangible that offers the greatest impact. Adding a bit of fun to Grecian sculpture, Louis Vuitton's Fifth Ave. windows illustrate the sunny side of straddling a line-- and stepping a pace beyond. Keep reading for a look inside...

Thursday, April 6, 2017


 "Bella the DJ" [photo credit: Julie Hinson Paisley]

Behind bold beats and a perfect pucker, the imploring eyes of Isabella DeLéon exude a quiet, natural depth, which balances her striking beauty and solid stage presence. A.K.A "Bella the DJ," this 17-year-old modern-day DJ, model, actress and student attacks life with a sensible passion. Bypassing perceived ills of the fashion industry, Bella has walked multiple runways (most recently New York and Vancouver Fashion weeks), was featured as one of Gambit New Orlean's 40 under 40 (2015), serves as muse and in-house model for Project Runway Junior contestant Tieler James and recently graced the cover of Vie Magazine, after being named South Walton Fashion week's female Model of the Year. Keep reading for a snapshot into the life of a talented up-and-coming teenage superstar...

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Gucci Fifh Ave

What... happened? Though fairly general (and yet fiercely specific), the question begs for a descriptor of a subjectively positive or negative, intentional or accidental occurrence. This week's windows at Gucci, Fifth Ave. present a view into a luxury brand at the edge of a breakthrough. A year after Alessandro Michele replaces Frida Giannini as Gucci's creative Director, the drama of the moment has been eclipsed with sweeping moderninity, bohemia and "romantic androgyny." Staid style has transitioned into a street-meets-Renaissance amalgamation where Michele confirms, "creativity has no rules." While still recognizable, the brand grew attitude and started taking stylistic limitations a little less seriously... and that's "what happened" at Gucci. Keep reading to have a closer look...

Saturday, April 1, 2017


 Amazing stitch detail on a Jill Stuart archive piece

Just as Diane Von Furstenberg is known for wrap dresses and Chanel for wool suits, flirty frocks span Jill Stuart's signature style. Having founded her namesake brand in 1993, Stuart's fame flourishes post-Clueless (think Alicia Silverstone's yellow plaid suit). Twenty four years later, Stuart's archives have hit a storage limit. In a rare open-to-the public opportunity, Jill Stuart is cleaning house via pop-up paradise in the heart of Soho, NYC. Keep reading for a look inside...

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


 #MacysFlowerShow at Macy's Herald Square

Spring is "in!" Corseted ladies (in fishnet stockings!) and brilliant blooms garnish the windows of Macy's Herald Square. This year's carnival-themed flower show makes for a memorable moment in Macy's repertoire of flora festivities. From fluorescent manes in "Weird & Wonderful" to exotic plants in "Rare and Remarkable," Macy's has manufactured a media-worthy mix of moving marvels. Inside, over 5,000 flowers and plants frame familiar fair favorites. The Macy's Flower Show is free and open to the public until April 9th. Keep reading to see all the windows...

Thursday, March 23, 2017


Spring has spring flowers at Club Monaco's 5th Ave. flagship

Overruling an initial refusal of dessert, the blackberry soufflé at Bar Americain ended up the 'best bite of the night.' Excellent entrées paired with second row seats to Miss Saigon (the day before opening night!) and an amazing performance by Eva Noblezada set the tone for a crucial coming-of-age celebration Tuesday night. Taking time to celebrate a friend's 40th, the themes presented in Miss Saigon revive rigors of choice, strife and sacrifice. What would you give for love? This week, the windows at Club Monaco's 5th Ave flagship parlay a delicate balance between festive floral and fresh wardrobe choices for Spring. Keep reading to see more Spring looks... 

Sunday, March 19, 2017


 @Visionaire presents Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari's 'more is more' installation based on Toiletpaper Magazine

Everything is grab-able, moveable, patterned and pose-able at Visionaire's #ToiletPaperParadise. Tucked in the back corner of a conservatively curated Cadillac House, saucy spaghetti, flying fish and a popcorn-studded solar universe compete for space on the floors and walls of Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari's gaudy, trippy and innately immersive universe. The photographers of Toiletpaper Magazine apply unconventional print to conventional decor, creating a borderline irreverent, yet hugely insta-worthy aesthetic. The 'More is More' installation personifies the surrealist world presented in Toiletpaper Magazine and "attendees are invited to touch, play, move, sit, recline and position themselves in the physical manifestation of the minds of the artist" [visionaire]. Keep reading for a look inside...